Friday, March 03, 2006

My Appellate Brief Saga

2/23: Met with Professor regarding my rough draft of my appellate brief. Discuss changes. Due date of 2/28.

2/24: Get horredously sick. High fever. Bird Flu. Mad Cow. I'm sick sick sick

2/25: Unable to do work, lay in a state of flu induced shock all day

2/26: Realize that I am no way returning to functional over the weekend. E-mail prof. Ask for extension. Get extension for three days until 3/3.

2/27: Still sick, however able to go to class and work. Not able to do homework after class. In bed early

2/28: Feeling better.

3/1: Start work on brief re-write

3/2: Finish brief. E-mail brief to self to print out at work thus allowing it to be delievered to the professor.

Today, 3/3: A minute by minute approach of the morning
9:01am: Check e-mail at work. Open file. Receive error message 'File Corrupted'
9:02am: Begin to swear profusely and loudly
9:03am: Flop sweat
9:09am: Heart rate has yet to come down, write e-mail to professor explaining the situation
9:12am: Chest pains from accelerated heart rate
9:14am: Debate technological rampage destroying all computers present in the office (realize that this would do no good since my laptop, with the brief on it, is sitting at home)
9:19am: Receive e-mail from Prof asking for a phone call
9:20am: Call prof, set up time to meet this evening after work
9:21am until now: Have a gut wrenching fear that the laptop has eaten the brief and realize that this will not go away until I return home after 5pm to discover my fate.

So, how's your day going?