Monday, March 06, 2006

Best 5 Minutes of the Oscars...ever

I watched 5 minutes of the Academy Awards last night. I really didn't care. I knew that "Crouching Tiger, Shimmering Cowboy" was going to win everything. So I really had no reason to watch. But for some reason, I tuned in for the last five minutes; namely so I could see the inevitable. I watched Ang Lee win for best director and I knew it was just a matter of time.

Jack comes out and he reads the nominees. I can already hear him say Brokeback wins. But it didn't happen because he said Crash. My roommate and I were stunned. I cheered (I had actually saw, liked, and now own this movie). Jack mouthed 'Wow' The audience was stunned speechless. But the highlight was a woman, obviously associated with Crash, holding an Oscar already, was screaming and jumping and her boobs were falling out of her dress. In HD. That made the entire five minutes I watched worth it.

It also made me wonder what sort of body part would have been seen if Brokeback had won...