Sunday, March 05, 2006

The weekend to recover...

Yeah. I'm alive.

Friday was a day that I don'twant to relive anytime soon. It turns out that my appellate brief file was corrupted. It wouldn't print no matter what I did. So I created a new file. Still no love with the printer. I e-mail the file [appropriately named 'I hate you'] to myself. Then I use my roommates computer to attempt to print. The printer runs out of ink. [No, I am not making this up]. At this point, I figure that maybe God doesn't want me to turn this damn thing in. After digging through the house, I find the extra ink cartridges. Load it up...ignore the error message...and print it. Done and done. [Oh yeah, at this point, I was convinced that I was going get into a car accident while driving to my professor's apartment to drop it didn't happen, thankfully].

Needless to say, it was an aggravating Friday. So, I took the rest of the weekend off to be a bum.