Monday, March 27, 2006

2 Coffees, an iPod, and Marvin Gaye

The Scene opens as The Namby Pamby The Hero of this Story is in the elevator looking very professional and dapper. He is smartly dressed in a grey suit with a subtle blue window pane, in a Pink shirt, with a blue tie on. He is carrying an eggshell-coffee holder from Dunkin Donuts containing the morning coffee for himself and a fellow employee. He is listening to his iPod, currently playing the Marvin Gaye song “Got to Give it Up.” The elevator is empty and he has to go to the top floor. He starts to do his best impression of Cedric the Entertainer from the movie Barbershop when the aforementioned song comes on. He is a dancing queen machine.

Keep on dannnnnncinnng…got to give it up…Shake it now

Our hero is in his element…the song has taken over his that he doesn’t realize that the elevator has stopped. The doors have opened. And three very confused people are now watching him bust a groove.