Friday, March 24, 2006

Directives from the Boss

The Scene: My boss walks into my office, where an attorney is already standing discussing an upcoming project.

Boss: Is there any beer in here? [Starts to search under the desks and opens file cabinents]

Me: No, I put the last of it in the fridge a week ago

Attorney: It's not even 3pm yet, you've had that bad of a day?

Boss: Ok, listen, my predecessor sent [one of the old clerks] to get tampons for consider this a step up in assignments. Here's some cash, get as much beer as you can. We should try some other beer today, maybe some Coor's...some Strohl's.

Me: I like Coor's's good stuff

Attorney: Light beer is for pussies

Boss: Come back with light beer and you're fired.