Monday, February 06, 2006

Why? What do you do for entertainment during class?

Tonight, I was bored to tears so I spent the first 50 minutes of my night class playing online poker. Won $30, could have been better. Anyways, Instant Messenging took over my life at that point. But, unfortunately, that cannot pass the time as quick as I would like. Even with an average 5 conversations going at once.

So it becomes time to make your own fun. I have a rough idea of what we are studying because this class is pretty much a redux of Con Law II for me. [Mind you, I had a great Con Law teacher and I love the subject]. Anyways, I start slowly zoning back into the class conversation when I hear the professor say, does anyone disagree with the way this case came out? I look around for a second or two and make the executive decision to enter the fray. Like an attentioned deprived gunner in the front row, my hand shot up with the speed of a cruise missile.

However, I quickly realize as I have attracted the focused gaze of the professor that I have forgotten to consider a few valid points:

  1. I hadn't been taking notes since the first 30 seconds of class
  2. Nor had I prepared any notes for the reading. [I did, however, have my Con Law II notes open. ]
  3. I didn't know what case we were on
  4. I was having a great IM conversation that I didn't stop when I decided to hop into things
These factors all seem to weigh against me. However, lucky for me, the professor, in asking me why I disagreed with the majority phrased it as such: "So, why do you disagree with the Plyer majority?" A quick find command later, I am on point using devil's advocacy [i.e. what was said in my Con Law II class last year] that slightly steps on the tail feathers of my classmates. [Ok, they kinda got pissed off and at least 6 of them turned around with a look of sheer disgust as I was talking.] All the while, I was receiving a few naughty [for lack of better words] Instant Messages (for how to deal, see 3(c) of this). Game. Set. Match.

So there I was, inciting and batting off the masses with a case that I could really go either way with (both the majority and the dissent make kwality points) all the while being entertained via Instant Messenger.

This is what I do for entertainment during class, what do you do?