Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday Wants to Know...

It's Back!!! Week Two's Topic: Class.

Elle Woods of Legally Blonde and I both have opinions on this subject, we will leave it up to you to share yours. Without further adieu, The Wednesday Trifecta:

1) What is your favorite classroom distraction?

This is truly a great question because there are so many to choose from. Last year I would have given a combined answer in IM. I would win a $500+ pot in the middle of class [yes, real money] and couldn't say a work. The same was true when I would lose a big pot. But usually, that consisted of me getting out of my chair and running out of the classroom like I had diarrhea. This year, I would have to say that the greatest distraction is IM. No real good stories here, but it is just a matter of fact.

2) What is your classroom attendance/behavior policy? [This is a handy reference guide]

I prefer to preemptively strike while I know the material. This technique might sound like being a gunner, but I figure gunners will chime in with how they debated with their study group, dog, and hired counsel the advantages of applying a Lochner-era approach to the modern day [whatever subject matter Lochner was about] situation. I am no gunner. At least that's what I tell my support group.

3) What do you do if you have gotten called out by the professor and you are a) not prepared on the material for the day, b) not paying a bit of attention to the gaseous windbag in the front of the room, or c) touching yourself?

a) After this happens, I drop the class (hence why I am no longer taking Securities Fraud)

b) Speak in generalities (a la Ed Harken in Anchorman). Ask vague questions to the professor. Cite some Scalian witticism because it pisses off so many people that no one dares ask you another question any time soon.

c) You need a wingman, a la Owen Wilson is to Vince Vaughan during the Wedding Crashers dinner table conversation, to distract the professor from your self-induced ectasy. Or you could just say you have Tourettes and the glow is natural.

As always, please chime in with your answers either in the comments or our your own blog (Be kind and throw a link back, we all love the mad props like that).