Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mom 1, Bird Flu 0

So, how was your weekend?

I had a lot of options for Friday: going out with friends, seeing a play, going to movies, drinking, etc. Saturday was just as full: the second to last home game of the men's season and then Barrister's Ball (law prom) at night. It was going to be a good weekend with lots of things to divert my attention from my homework.

But then around 5pm Friday, something did not feel right. I went to the library to finish a group project. Started feeling worse. The downhill path continued. By 10, I was home, dying. By 11pm, I was in bed. I fell asleep. Only to awake at 3pm with hell's fire of a fever and I was starting to hallucinate [the actual hallucination was that a law journal was being produced in my bed and that four people were dictating to me what to do...weird!]. If I took my covers off, I froze and had the shakes; if I kept them on I was dying from heat.

It was just as bad all day Saturday. The shakes. The chills. The sweats. No barrister's ball for me. No basketball game for me. Death sounded like a great option.

But, the cure for all diseases is only a phone call away: the parental taxi service to Mom's medical, laundry, and dining service. After one night and some pills that she called "heavy duty tylenol" [but felt like they were the size of horse tranquilizers] I have no fever. No shakes. No chills. Only a little congestion.

I love my mom. She can beat bird flu and make dinner at the same time. How great is that?