Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm not mentally challenged (I know, that's nice to hear)

My Grey Thoughts:

  • Ms. Dr. McDreamy as manhands. Ew. Manhands and a wedgie. Yuck. [Poison Oak? Even worse]
  • George + shotgun = post office, film at 11
  • Leaky Boobs: 'Baby trumps Husband'
  • Watch out for that first step George, it's a doozy
  • I'm looking for that Doctor Torres' Adams should too George
  • Will Alex pick a fight with the near death guy? I would.
  • That fiance: winner!
  • Worst Intimacy Scene Ever. (Lord knows I can't call that sex)
  • George, I would move out too
  • McDreamy and Meredith are not looking like 'just friends'