Friday, February 24, 2006

Five thoughts on Friday

1. Upon hearing which country won at Figure Skating, I immediately thought 'isn't that like Jamaica winning at bobsledding?' [I know I'm 'special']

2. I love the Dunkin Donuts across the street. They know me. They have my coffee ready without asking. And they are persistent: they always ask if I am going to buy donuts knowing that I never will.

3. I met a lawyer with a top 20 firm last night. Great guy, been there close to a decade. However, he was quite the exception to the rule: no Blackberry, no cell phone, and no pager. Also, his area of focus: defending Tobacco. Perchance that explains his heavy smoking...

4. I have overbooked my weekend. I have made at least three committments on both Friday and Saturday nights. And there is a basketball game. And I am supposed to head to the suburbs tonight. And this. And that. And oh yeah...I have a shitload of 'homework' to do...whatever that is. Is it bad that I just want to spend the weekend in bed?

5. Spilling coffee on my pectoral region makes me look like I am lactating...or bleeding.