Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Campaign Starts Here...

Dusty Baker, the players manager of the Cubs, has done it yet again. By 'it' I refer to his constant mismanagement or just sheer ignorance of how to handle a pitching staff. His classic style cost the Giants the World Series against the Angels. His genius allowed the Cubs to lose three straight in the NLCS. Today his actions cost the Cubs, although not all that important of a game, against the Cardinals.

1 out, bottom of the eighth, Cards leading 1-0. Dynamo Dusty yanks a pitcher for a better lefty-lefty matchup. Home Run. 2-0. New Pitcher. Double. Home Run. 4-0. Lovely. Let's go to the ninth and see if the anemic bats of the Cubs without 2 of their power infielders can manage 4 runs. Good luck.

Here. Now. The Campaign to rid the Cubs of Dusty Baker starts.