Wednesday, April 20, 2005

If your Karma, runs over my Dogma, can Congress regulate this under Section 5?

Yeah...last day of Con Law today. By far, my favorite class, for a number of reasons (think analytically, read Scalia, etc. etc.) Anyway. Today is the last day. Last one with the smartest man I have ever met. And of course, we save the toughest subject for last or at least that is what the Professor says. And of course, I do the reading. But for some reason, I do not have the faintest idea what was being said in the reading. As I walk into class I hear like minded sentiments from the smart people in the class. So there is hope that I am not alone in this vast intellectual abyss

But fear not, I have talked in several of the classes prior to today's finale. I'm safe. I can zone out. I can shop for books on and be merry and jovial, "In the Law Review article, the author states this theory on that subject relating to the 14th's this hypo for you [oh shit]. Imagine [Lord, please, not me] these details...what do you think about this...[why is my brain leaving my body to go to Tahiti?]...Is it Unconstitutional?

Like any reasonable person under the circumstances, I confidently, without reflection, blurt out, "I'm not sure, but I think it would be ok." He continues to probe, something like the squid robots from the Matrix testing for my weak spot. I babble. I admit I don't know, I have a strong feeling that it would be ok...etc. etc. etc. And, like a tornado, before I know it he is onto the next person.

I begin to return to a resting heart rate and begin to analyze my oral argument that I will be presenting this weekend. When it begins again. Although this time, I am totally unaware. I hear what I think is my name and begin to glance up and see the piercing glare of the professor, three rows away waiting for me to reply.

It was one of those days in Con Law. The day I don't know what is going on. The day that I cannot begin to form a coherent thought. The day that I get fileted, happened to be the last day. I rolled the dice and section 5 of the 14th amendment popped up like snake eyes on a craps table...