Saturday, April 23, 2005

The conversations we appellate brief true story

No one ever says that law school is supposed to be always interesting. That is what the Gods gave us wireless internet and AOL Instant Messenger. However, when the Gods force you into a legal writing classroom where the wireless internet does not work. You have to resort to more primitive means of communication, like pen and paper.

A recent conversation between 2 members of the class went something like this:
"I'm so horny"
"Haha...I've been getting ass all week"

You know the type of conversation this is. We've all had them. They are those private ones that you have between friends for solidarity and support. Or something like that.

The problem arises when one is not careful to select the medium for this conversation. My experience dictates that any official document that will ever have to be turned in at any point in your life would not be a good base for this conversation.

For example, let's say a mandatory grade sheet that has to be turned in for the biggest assingment of the year would be a very very bad choice to have this conversation on.

Let's also add to this conjecture that one of the authors forgets to review the grade sheet after it has been passed out to the class. Of course, the grade was distributed 5 weeks before the assignment was due.

Let's also add to this hypothetical that it was attached to the biggest, most important project of the year.

The last detail that must be added is that the author forgot all about the conversation, the paper it was on, and that it was attached to the biggest, most important project of the year.

Also, it must be presupposed that the professor, despite some shortcomings, did find this lovely in class conversation

Finally, let's say that the professor, in finding this lovely conversation, on the grade sheet, for the most important project of the year takes note. By takes note, I mean it is circled and a smiley face is drawn next to it.

What does this leave the author with?

A perfect score.