Monday, February 28, 2011

Paging Doctor Freud (or Doctor Rob)

There I was, sound asleep, having a great dream. Well. I was having a dream. (Great may be a bit of an overstatement.)

The dream: I had just gotten a new job.

Those of you that know me outside of these words know that I am actively seeking a new job (by drunkenly sending off resumes to prospective firms). I'm in my fourth year with my current firm and I'm ready to move away from Plaintiff's work. I've had a good run at chasing ambulances and learning how to litigate a case...but now I want something more challenging.

Anyway, back to the dream...

There I was, sitting before the hiring partner at a prestigious Big Law firm. I had just accepted their offer and was to start immediately.

The dream continued and I was led by this partner and an HR rep on the path to my new office. This long and winding journey led me to what can only be described as a dungeon. Me being the inquisitive kind, even asleep, I asked what I was doing in what may have been the Lubyanka circa 1970.

The reply: "This is where we keep the attorneys that just aren't smart enough" And then they handed me a laminated piece of paper that was a check for $200,000. That's when I woke up.

Nothing like an odd dream to start the work week.

The moral here is that I think my subconscious has an inferiority complex.

That's willing to be bribed.