Monday, February 14, 2011

Another case of the Mondays

Today is going great right now. Clients are causing a little stress:

  • I’m convinced Client A is faking his injury. That’s what the medical evidence shows.
  • The more I documentation I read, the more I believe that Client B is trying to commit insurance fraud.
  • Client C is ducking my phone calls and Client D has called far too often with nothing new to report to him.
  • Client E just doesn't get that her case is not as important as she thinks it is.
And it’s not just clients that are making this day worse...
  • Attorney 1 is an asshole that refuses to cede his “moral high ground” to common sense, facts and reality. Thus a case that should have settled a year ago continues to trudge through needless litigation.
  • Attorney 2 sent me a critical file in Word Perfect. Which, being the Mac user I am makes it worthless to me. So much for that deadline.
  • Attorney 3 is a moron that can’t understand a settlement contract if his life depended on it.
To cap the morning off, I dumped toner all over myself when I changed my printer cartridge.

Please, bring on the weekend.