Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On the Partnership Track Part One: Dealing with the Partner’s Families

We are at that time of year when partner’s children are in the waning days of their summer vacations. As they are about to head back to school, high school and/or college these children and young adults want to spend time with their hard working Mom or Dad so that said parent will give the child their credit card.

My general view on parter's kids is that they are agents of the Gestapo.

Anything that I say, do or think will be communicated in the direction of those that have the power to terminate my services. I do not want to offend these precious chitlins. Or their parents. Because I like my paycheck (except when it bounces).

When the inevitable questions comes to you from the Power and the Glory himself, you have to be ready with a clever and flattering response.

“What do you think of my son?”
It’s the moment of truth, do you want to be a partner at your firm?
Future Partner Answer: “Your son reminds me of you. Only more talented, funnier and a lot smarter...”
Pithy, acknowledging the strengths of your partner and implying that he has molded a better man than he. All in all, a solid response.
Future Partner of a Roadside Lemonade Stand: “Your son reminds me of what you must have been like at his age: a handsome, intelligent younger version of Rock Hudson...”
I'll just grab my things and um...write my memoirs...

This process gets trickier if your partner has a daughter. Under no circumstances should you ever compare her to Rosie O’Donnell.

Even if she could pass as her twin.