Sunday, June 27, 2010

He's back again. And I still hate Jorge Larrionda.

Let me refresh your recollection on the asshat known as Jorge Larrionda:

First Encounter: He showed three red cards in the U.S. v. Italy game in the 2006 World Cup. Italy was getting away with aggravated assault and they only had one sent off.

Second 2006 Encounter: He done voted for France in the semi-final.

Now let's fast forward to last year: the confederations cup. Mr. Larrionda sent off another American. Because he sucks at life.

Let's fast forward to today: a clear goal was not awarded by Mr. Larrionda and crew to the Brits.

If Zee Germans win, I'm blaming the ref, because he's an asshole(UPDATED) it's because the English have no defense, no midfield, no offense and no goalie.