Monday, November 09, 2009

Conversations abounding during the beginning of the work week

Where the work of the profession gets done
Me: Get in any golf this weekend?
Sage Lawyer: Yeah, I did, twice and next month, I’m heading to Hawaii for the 30th annual golf outing for a bunch of my friends.
Me: I’m really jealous now.
Sage Lawyer: Of course, over the years, our numbers have thinned due to people going to jail.
Me: Sounds like you are playing with members of Congress.
Sage Lawyer: Nope. Just lawyers and Judges.
Do they have a vaccine for food poisoning?
Me: Feeling better?
Daisy: meh…I think the puking is over.
Me: Happens to the best of us.
Daisy: I was like “Sweet! married one month and I’m already puking!”
Me: Look at it this way food poisoning, much like swine flu, is a great weight loss program.
Daisy: Very. True. And I’m down four pounds.
I think I might like this file
Claims Handler: I’ve been reassigned the file.
Me: Lucky you! Sounds like a happy Monday present from your boss.
Claims Handler: I only deal with lawyers.
Me: That’s a shitty job. Who did you piss off at the company?
Claims Handler: I like lawyers, I get along with them very well.
Me: Are you one of the chosen few?
Claims Handler: No I’m not.
Me: Ahh, a respectable person. I like it!