Sunday, November 15, 2009

All time high on the inverse positivity meter

I've spent the entire weekend taken down by the not-so-swine flu (Diet Swine Flu?). I feel better than I did yesterday. But that's like complimenting the suit on the guy in the coffin. Not really sure if I will be going to the office tomorrow. Which means that Monday's plans are in doubt.

Monday: I'm suppose to meeting with a client tomorrow. The client is not going to be understanding when I drop the good news about why the meeting is occurring in the first place. That being, Tuesday's big event:

Trial Tuesday: It's a winner. Which clearly means we are going to lose. To complicate things further, I haven't prepped nor do I know the facts in all of their unhelpful glory. I do know the law. My trial strategy at this point involves banging the table throughout my case in chief.

Thuper Thursday: I've got to respond to a dispositive motion on Thursday. My response, that has yet to be started, is also a surefire winner.

Time to write the week off and just start Thanksgiving.