Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today in snippets

I was sent a packet of documents by opposing counsel in one of my cases. Contained in them are stories about how my client is a total whackjob. Never have I laughed so hard while having a case implode so fast.

Daisy’s father sent me a facebook friend invite before he did the same to her. You can insert whatever wisdom/joke/sidecrack you like here.

I have to go before the most senile judge tomorrow to get a settlement approved. I’m worried that I might end up owing money and facing a twenty-year prison sentence before the day is done.

Driving home from Court this morning, I found myself behind an individual with a Green Bay Packers tire cover on the back of their SUV. I took a picture of the offending individual:

Then I checked my insurance policy to see if I could afford to run the slow moving asshole off the road.