Friday, September 11, 2009

Racing against Time

I have a multi-million dollar case that must be filed today in order to beat the statute. Before it can be filed, the complaint has to be written. Several issues: (1) I don't fully understand the area of law that well (or at all) and (2) I'm lazy.

Thus far, I've got the parties written* and I've got all day to finish this nine count complaint.

*The above may be misleading as I don't know how to spell my client's name and is currently (and strategically) referred to as 'CLIENT' throughout the four lines of text currently written.<

I'll try to update throughout the day to let you all know how my procrastination flirting with malpractice induced career suicide progress is going.

A little web surfing here a little web surfing there. I'm about 40% done with the first draft. My draft deadline is 11:00am.

8 Minutes to spare: draft handed off to the partner.

From 11am to 3:54pm I spent all the time (except for 26 minutes having lunch with The Enabler) engaging in writing and rewriting. I got the 31 pages of fun filed with about 22 minutes to spare.

I need a drink.