Friday, September 04, 2009

A Butterfly Flaps its wings in China and two days goes straight to hell in Chicago

It all started yesterday.

I had a productive court appearance in a county a ways a way from Chicago. My opposing counsel and I were seeing eye to eye, and we began to discuss the chance of settlement in a case that is wee bit complicated. The two of us talk from the Courtroom all the way to the parking lot where we get in our respective cars and part ways. I head to the train station, get on the train, and get to the office a short time later.

That’s when I open my portfolio and discover that I forgot to drop off a time sensitive document with a due date of that afternoon. [Insert loud use of swear words here] I immediately get on the phone to the Court where I just came from: “Can I have this overnighted for tomorrow and still be good?” Five hold sessions and twenty minutes later, I start making my plans to go back from where I came. “It has to be here today. No exceptions”


I get back on the train, get back to my car and drive back out to Courthouse. 30 seconds after I arrive there, I am heading back out the door. One work day shot to hell. But the good news is that I get to atone for my screw up: I have the pleasure of picking up a settlement check from an insurance company the very next morning.

Day Two Begins:

I get in my car around 7:30. I have an idea of where I am going, but, due to the fact that the insurance representative didn’t return any of my phone calls or e-mails, I am not 100% where I am going, but off I go nonetheless.

I am getting close to my destination and I make a wrong turn. No worries, I can just take the alternate route that google maps had given to me. I’m about 45 seconds into the new route when I have to stop due to a truck waiting to turn into a driveway. Then I hear tires screeching and a vehicle skidding. Of course, I look up into the rear view mirror at an odd angle just in time to see a white pickup truck collide into my car’s read end.


I get out. See that there is no damage on my car (it’s a POS…why would there be damage?) and there is no damage on his. “Sorry, my cell phone rang and I just looked down and bam. Totally my fault.” No worries, I tell him, besides, I’m the worst guy to hit, I’m an Ambulance Chasing attorney. “You are?” Yep. But it looks good to me. Have a great weekend.

I get back into the car and drive for another 15 minutes. I arrive at the insurance company only to be told that I am at the wrong location.


The moral of the story here is this: I planned to take today and yesterday off. I should have.

Have a great holiday weekend. I know I will. Or I'll die trying.