Friday, June 12, 2009

A bevy of Friday things

I seem to be striking up a lot of conversations with people in my office buildings elevators. It’s Tyler Durden’s single serving friend philosophy only while getting to see them again at sporadic intervals. Where we get to talk about the greatness that is Chicago weather

Similarly, I love the one liners that occur after obnoxious people get off jam packed Daley Center elevators. Today was no different:

Me: [I get on the elevator in the midst of an ongoing heated diatribe]
Senior Attorney (to his associate): I don’t care if I have to kick him myself, I will shove it down his throat. [Elevator stops] Let’s go get this done. [He and his associate leave the elevator].
Me: Is it a little too late to wish you a happy Friday?
I’ve started caricaturizing some of the various judges that I appear before. I was having a hard time not laughing as I was standing in front of Judge Governor William J. Le Potomane. I was half expecting him to have a paddle ball as he was at full recline while on the bench. So we’re clear: his clerk is totally Hedy LeMarr. [That’s Hedley!]

I’ve also toyed with starting asking inappropriate questions while standing before a bald judge: “Your Honor, I have to know, do you wax your dome? Because if you do, the shine and luster is fantastic.”

As has been pointed out, it’s my Birthday today. This momentous occasion means I have made it another 365 days without being disbarred.

Speaking of dancing that fine line:
Law Clerk: Are you going to drink at lunch?
Me: Maybe
Law Clerk: Is that unethical?
Me: No, it’s required.
Oh yeah. I have to work this weekend. Ugh.