Monday, May 11, 2009

Morning Smooth

I am still in my seat as the morning train nears the station. I am about to stand and heads toward the door when a passenger making a b-line for the vestibule hits me from behind. This guy is walking at a quick pace down the aisle and is totally oblivious to the passengers that he is passing. I don’t get hit by the passerby’s body, but by the rolling backpack being dragged behind.

I hate rolling backpacks, I hate the idiots that use them and I hate the idiots that don't pay attention the train and hit those of us who are sitting, thus I cannot resist myself: “Very manly backpack you got man!” There is no doubt that I was heard.

I got a very evil look when this guy turned around.

But I think that the evil look was not so much that I had made fun of the idiotic rolly backpack but more so that the guy was actually a girl.