Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In slow economic times, one must efficiently utilize the firm’s resources

I walked in after lunch and the receptionist handed me my mail. I noticed in this stack of junk mail postal presents that there was one thing that is addressed to one of my partners who just left to go out of town for the week. I immediately consulted my supervising partner for guidance in this situation.

Me: [Handing him the mis-delivered piece of mail] I got this mixed up in my mail. I think that Vacationing Partner would want this.
Partner: Oh damn. He left without this? Damn. Damn. Damn. This is not good.
Me: We could UPS Overnight this out to him. Or we could do a same day messenger.
Partner: That’s perfect. Let’s get this to him as soon as possible.  I’ll hold onto it until it the messenger arrives.
Me: Perfect. I’ll let the receptionist know.
Partner: [Pauses contemplatively] Actually, why don’t you catch the next flight out and deliver this to him personally.
What could possibly be this important you ask?

The Victoria’s Secret Catalogue.