Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time flies when you are logging billable hours

This is how my morning time sheet will read:

Draft Response to Motion to Dismiss 2.75
TOTAL: 2.75 
What has actually gone on in the last 2.75 hours:
Draft Response to Motion to Dismiss 0.000001
Surreptitiously glance at the hot girl sitting in front of me on the train 0.1
Blank stare at Microsoft Word 0.3
Write several more sentences of crappy legalese 0.05
Keep fingers on the keyboard with both Microsoft Word open and the Computer DVD Player playing Fight Club 0.2
Glance at the hot girl again. And again. And again. 0.2
Reword crappy legalese 0.1
Walk to the office from the train station, stop at Starbucks, arrive at office 0.2
Reopen Response to Motion to Dismiss 0.1
Surf Web re: Golf Clubs 0.2
Surf Blogs 0.5
Leave comments on Legally Blonde Ambition, Legally Fabulous, and The Dirty Life and Times 0.1
Read headlines on and BBC Sport 0.2
Write more prosaic bullshit 0.2
Write blog post on things I do while the motion is open on my computer screen 0.3
TOTAL: 2.750001
After a little proofreading, it seems that my response isn't done yet.  Looks like Manchester United has an afternoon game today I might have to bill a few more hours on this project...