Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Thursday Afternoon Running Commentary

If my boss asks, I am finalizing deposition issues on a case.

(In other words, I am totally watching the Masters on my computer)
2:15pm Why do clients think that they deserve my attention while I am watching Tiger Woods putt?

2:30pm: If this client keeps calling, I will be forced to kill someone.

2:47pm: Tiger missing putts and shanking t-shots causes me increased pain. I pass the pain on to my clients as I am less likely to round down my billable time that I am currently tabulating. It's a vicious cycle.

3:16pm: The phone has taken up the last 30 minutes of my life. I haven't been able to pay attention to the Masters. It is sad.

4:10pm: Tiger broke a club. Wow.

5:01pm: I just used a toothache reliever where I bit my lip. This was a horrid idea as my entire tongue is now numb. I'm leaving this and doing the smart thing: drinking.