Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today's 5 Things

1. I am worried by the increase of mullets seen in the Courtroom.

2. I have issues with one of the baristas at my Starbucks as she refuses to give away the wasted extra shot of espresso. It is depressing when she lets the brown-black goodness pour straight into the waste trough when my drink could always use a little extra umph for free.

3. Accordingly to, Chicago has a wealth of entertaining lawyer bloggers. As one of the authors featured in this list, you know that I am all about shameless self-promotion and awards. And the shameless promotion of Grace and Alleged Lady.

4. My mitzah for the day: As I was nearing the top of the office escalator, this woman ran into me and several other people I work with as she ran up and by passing us. The co-workers and I are slowly meandering toward the same elevator bank where she is impatiently waiting and we are about 25 feet away when an elevator finally comes for her. She quickly gets in and I can see that she is pressing the door close button. Once the door starts to close, I sprint to the elevator call button and hit it just as she is about to get away. The doors open and we all get in the same elevator. She didn’t find it as nearly as funny as I did when one of my co-workers pointed out to me that I did that on purpose to slow her down.

5. A secretary just pronounced that she might have broken her printer and in the process of attempting to fix it, she has thrown toner all over her desk and herself. I pointed out that she might have had toner on her forehead and she quickly works to clean it off. I turn away when I realize that it is not toner, but the faint beginnings of a unibrow.