Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On the short bus, in the fast lane, heading towards dementia

I decided I needed to refill my water bottle. I walk to the water cooler and promptly realize that I have left my water bottle on my desk. I walk back to my office. I grab my coffee, I drink my coffee, I turn and make my way back to the water cooler.

I make it halfway there and realize, yet again, I left the damn water bottle on my desk.

Back to the desk I go, I grab the water bottle, and storm back the way I just came. However, it just so happens that the bathroom is in the same proximately as the water cooler and as I walked into the bathroom I realize that this is not where I intended to be. “What the fuck are you doing?” I ask myself a little too loudly as I realize my error. The client that was also in the bathroom looked at me a little funny. “Sorry, I’m losing my mind.”

I head to the water cooler, fill up the water bottle and promptly spill all over myself as I take a drink.