Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's not that I can't hit a curveball, I just can't hit a curveball that plunks me between the eyes

I have this opposing counsel that flusters me and there is no good reason why it happens. She’s a senior partner at a defense firm that I have never seen smile. She is politely terse. And she looks like what I envision Merryl Streep would look like if she lost 30 pounds. She is the definition of serious.

The last experience I had with her was taking a doctor’s deposition and I left the room with the feeling that she was going to fight this case to the bitter, bitter end. Today, we had our case up for status and as we were about to go before the judge she and I briefly talk:

Me: You want 30 days to finish the expert deps?
Attorney: No. I just need one thing from you and we are ready to meet your settlement demand.
Me: Excuse me? [The judge calls our case and we approach]
Judge: Case number?
Me: Namby Pamby on behalf of the Plaintiff, Adam Jones.
Judge: Case number?
Me: Adam Jones, Plaintiff
Judge: Counsel, what is the case number?
Me: Right. Um.
It was a good thing that a) opposing counsel was there to tell the judge everything because I was a bumbling loss for words and that b) we were the first case called and the packed courtroom was watching.