Friday, January 02, 2009

New Years Selected Thoughts

1. Why is Dick Clark allowed to be on television? Pre-stroke he was less than choice, post-stroke he is epic fail. Or maybe I am epic fail for mocking him. Either way, Daisy paid him the best compliment of the night: “A stroke is like free botox!” There is a good chance that her ticket to hell was just upgraded to Economy Plus after that comment.

1a. Was I the only one who started to heave when he kissed the woman (his wife maybe?) at Midnight East Coast time?

2. 2008 had it’s highs and lows: I was unemployed, I moved home, I got a job, I lost my first trial, I won my first trial, etc. But at the end of a year I recognized the one constant of the year were my friends, we all had our highs and lows, but no matter what we have each other.

2a. And then certain friends over-served themselves. Classic.

3. I really hope 2009 is better than 2008.

4. Callaway Golf is already starting to flood my e-mail box with new equipment advertisements. I must go golfing soon.

4a. More importantly, I must take a vacation soon. I started work the second week of February. Looking back on it, independent of holidays and weekends, I took three vacation days and had 3 sick days. That math indicates that I am due to start going a little more batty than usual.

5. The voting ends today in the ABA Blawg 100. I have gotten my ass kicked. But as of last look, I am not dead last. So I’ve got that going for me…which is nice. Seriously though, it’s a fantastic honor that I still don’t know how they chose me. I use this space so that others can hopefully laugh along with me. For those of you who have come here as a result of the ABA, welcome, I hope you like what you see. For those of you who came here on your own, thanks.

5a. Not that I’d tell them this to their face, but this is ABA fanfare is something that I believe comes from having a close knit group of friends, who all blog. This recognition, at least in my mind, is a collective one for us Chicago bloggers.

Happy 2009