Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If it ain't broke, it will be soon enough

Three Attorneys are sitting at counsel table prior to the beginning of the morning court call. Two of them are of the sage and wise generation, the other one is wearing pink.

Old Guard Attorney #1: When the weather gets like this, I have (long named medical condition that I cannot pronounce, spell nor remember) and I just can’t breathe.
Old Guard Attorney #2: You take anything for your heart?
Old Guard Attorney #1: [Pulls out a pill case and shakes it]
Old Guard Attorney #2: I take so many pills that I just get so tired [he begins to list five or six different heart and blood pressure medicines]
Me: [Sitting awkwardly at the table listening to this exciting future that awaits]
Old Guard Attorney #1: You know, we had better stop talking about our health, otherwise this young guy [points to me] is going to run screaming from the practice of law.
Me: You guys have given me a lot to look forward to.
Old Guard Attorney #2: Fifty years in the practice of law and this is what happens to you.
Me: Better living through chemistry.