Thursday, January 29, 2009

I drink from the keg of glory

Last week, the Nuclear Option Case was up in court to set a briefing schedule for the Plaintiff’s counsel to respond to the mountains of paper that I had thrown at him.

It was a typical encounter between opposing counsel and I: unpleasant. 

I let him leave the courtroom while I was “plugging the briefing schedule into my iPhone” in an effort to not have to take the same elevator down with him.  A couple minutes pass then I leave the courtroom to find him waiting outside for me.  Over the next twenty minutes we argue. Loudly.  So much so that a sheriff’s deputy comes up and tells us to be quiet twice.

I stuck to the arguments set forth in my motions while he tried to dance between four different superficial arguments that easily get kicked down each time he tries to reword what he is already said. He offers to settle the case for a number that is a drastically less than what has been his party line for the past year.  I tell him that number is unacceptable and that I’ll see him at the motion hearing.

Today the mail brings a hand-written letter from opposing counsel.

Offering to dismiss the case.