Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here's to you Daisy

Nobody wants to get fired. Nobody wants to get fired the first day back after Christmas. But as some of you know, one of my closest friends, Daisy, had that happen to her yesterday. In light of it being a total bullshit reason and totally unexpected, the usual entourage ventured out into the city for a night of commiseration.

And by commiseration, I mean drunken celebration.

The night had many highlights, but by far the best was when our waitress brought a slab of chocolate cake, with two matches as candles and set it in front of the girl of the hour.  Those of us circling the table bust out in a perverted version of happy birthday: “Happy Your Fired.”

Since we are in the center of this establishment, everyone claps when we reach the end, and Daisy being the fantastic sport that she is proudly announced to the masses: “Yeah, I got fired today, I’m so proud.”

Daisy, you got a bullshit deal, but we’re here to make sure you can laugh about it and come out smiling on the other end.