Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Under Pressure

Last night
Partner: Namby, I’m going to have you go to a hearing tomorrow on this motion. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow
Me: Sounds good.
First thing this morning
Partner: That motion I was telling you about, 10:30. You’ll be fine.
Me: What’s the case about?
[Partner Walks away]
Later this morning on the phone with another Partner
Me: I’m going to be handling that motion.
Other Partner: Great, great.
Me: Can you tell me what exactly I am doing?
Other Partner: Basically, you are just going to stand there and watch the moving party lose
Me: I can handle that.
Other Partner: But if the judge rules as expected, you have to be prepared to argue our position
Me: Uh. What is our position?
Other Partner: Go read the file materials in my office. Good luck.
Me: Thanks
Other Partner: If you fuck this up, the client is going to get stuck paying $3,500,000.