Sunday, September 07, 2008

I played 36 holes of golf Saturday but my lob wedge only played 23.

I mentioned on Friday that an 85 would beat Eddie. I was right. Unfortunately my 97 did not beat Eddie. Had I hit the birdie putt on 18, I would have beat him. Had I hit the par putt, I would have beat him. But I three putt and tied him.

Eddie’s 5 strokes in a bunker en route to a sextuple bogey was awesome. My quintuple bogey two holes later was depressing (I almost hit a car off the tee…stupid snap hook), but at least it was a par four.

Anyways, as we were wrapping it up, another friend called and he and I set off to play another 18. It was going a little better, but frustration got the better of me on the sixth hole. A short par five where I missed the green by about 15 yards. Out comes my favorite club: the lob wedge. It’s also my best club. I can usually drop a short flop shot within several feet of the pin. And that’s what I was aiming to do here. Pin was elevated and several sloped in the back. One little miss hit later and my lob wedge had to be punished. So it was thrown.

Unfortunately, a tree was about 35 feet away from where I was standing. It caught my club about 30 feet off the ground. Despite my best efforts, it would not give it back.

The twosome behind us came up and wanted to know why we were throwing things up into the tree:

“What’s up there?”
"A club is up there"
“How did it get up there?
"Well. It flew after a frustration swing."
That’s when it hit me. I knew this golfer.
"You’re a judge in Cook County aren’t you?"
“Yes, Joe Smith”
"Yes sir, I’ve appeared before you several times, nice to see you out here today your honor."
His twosome joined my friend and I. As we played, he proceeded to tell my friend that he will call him the next time I’m in front of him so that my friend can bear witness as he tells the entire courtroom this story the next time I appear in front of him.