Friday, September 05, 2008

A hodgepodge of weekending items

1. I had my best moment as a lawyer this week: I got to beat a jackass lawyer in court. This wasn’t a minor win, it was a blowout upset win. In retrospect, my rankings of my motivations for doing what I do are as follows: I care most about winning over the douchebag, second most about impressing my bosses, and a distant third is the client’s end result. It is what it is. And it was awesome.

2. Sarah Palin is hot. Wicked hot.

3. A close friend of mine got fired from her firm today. It totally put a damper on the excitement of a Friday. It also gave me extra motivation to work that much harder.

4. This is the first time I've never had a summer vacation. I realize now the importance of utilizing my free time as a mental refresher else I will burn out...and nothing good comes from that.

5. Tomorrow, Eddie, the Enabler and I will hit the golf course together. It will be awesome if, and only if, I beat Eddie. He and I have been out twice before, with him beating me the first time by 11 strokes and the second time by 3. My goal is to shoot an 85. That should be doable and it should beat Eddie.

5a. If The Enabler shoots below a 120, I will be impressed.