Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Friday Things

1. We younger attorneys at my office are attempting to corrupt the collegian law clerks. There is the daily education in advanced legal terminology such as 'Dirty Sanchez' and 'Rusty Trombone.' I fear that we are one link to the Urban Dictionary away from getting ourselves fired.

2. Speaking of the sexually advanced, there were porn stars in our office lobby. I made an excuse to walk by several times. And then I tripped on one of the couches. Gracefully debonair I am.

3. As I was entering the courthouse today, the Sheriff's Deputy took my I.D. and proceeded to walkaway ask several random people if they could trust a guy 'with a last name like this' and he pointed to my name on the I.D. Card. The consensus of those polled was that you could not trust me.