Monday, August 11, 2008

I’ve been judged and found wanting

It was Saturday night and the following important scene setting information may sound like I’m bragging, but I’m not. My best friend is somewhat of a celebrity, she is extremely good looking and she asked if I would come with her to fundraising benefit over the weekend where she was one of the guests of honor.

I’ve done this in the past and it is always a blast. It’s always entertaining seeing people see her and observe how they interact. My favorite comment of this particular night was when she walked past two teenaged girls and one said to the other, “Oh my God, I touched her! I touched her!” It was almost as if she had a Jesus like appeal to these two girls.

I tell that little fraction of our night to set up the main story line.

It was late on in the evening and she and I were just standing there talking to each other. Someone came up to talk to her and I was just playing my part. It was also at this time that I noticed an attractive girl walking towards where we were standing. I could see her look at my friend, look at me, back at my friend, and ask herself, ‘what the hell is she doing with him.’ I couldn’t help but smile at seeing that.

I mentally returned to the conversation that was going on for a second. I then looked back at that passing girl, intending to do what a guy is prone to do, [scientifically described as: ‘checking out the hot chick’] and I did just that.

And she caught me doing so.

The look on her face told me that I went from being “damn lucky to be with the hottest girl in the room” to “a scumbag that checks out other women while with the hottest woman in the room.”

Zero to scumbag in just two glances.