Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All I wanted to see was Hillary instead all I got was carpal tunnel from changing the channel

Let's be honest, the drama surrounding the Clinton's had me hoping I was going to catch Hillary In Flagrante Delicto during her convention speak. So I tuned in. Instead of entertainingness, I got Mark Warner. I want my money back.

Needless to say, my convention viewing, for either side of the aisle is going to be sparing at best. The 30 seconds I put in tonight will be the most I put in for the next week and a half. And that was too much.

In other Barack Obama news, a good friend just got a job working for His Eminence in what is considered a battleground state. I, of course, extended my congratulations by questioning her sanity and immediately offered to pray for her soul. She then proceeded to forward an e-mail she got from her Grandfather after she told him the news. The message was short and sweet, just that little bump of encouragement that you would want from your grandfather:

someday I hope you aspire to a more respectable job, like say, call girl
Yay Politics!