Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rainy Day Musings

1. Two guys, independently, walk to the bathroom at the same time. Small talk ensues at the entranceway. What’s the standard rule for when conversation should stop?

2. For you soon to be graduating third years, as I tell each clerk that works in my office: do not panic about the bar, worry about finding a job. If you have a job, don’t worry at all. Unless you aren’t taking BAR/BRI. Then maybe you should worry.

3. I hate people that walk around with golf umbrellas on the crowded streets. I hate even more when they brain me with the sharp spiny ends of the damn umbrella. For these reasons, I believe that it should be perfectly acceptable [nay, legal] for me to shove them into the path of an oncoming CTA bus.

4. I was encouraged by a friend to submit my resume to a larger firm [motto: mo money, mo problems]. I haven’t and I don’t think that I will for three reasons: (1) I really like my current job and instead of them interviewing me, it would be me interviewing them, (2) My friend Daisy has been asked to interview there and she is much more qualified than I am, and she hasn’t even graduated law school, taken, passed nor been admitted to the bar, and (3) I’m too lazy to update my resume.