Monday, April 07, 2008

Maybe I just have a flashing light above my head that says 'Guillable'

I'm walking over to the Daley Center (for those non-Chicagoans that have no idea what I'm talking about it's the big civil courthouse in downtown Chicago) to pick up a dismissal order for a case that we just settled.

It's late in the day. It's been a long day. It's Monday.

I'm about to go through the Lawyers/Judges/Employees security check point. I've got my County ID and Bar Card out and ready to show the Sheriff's Deputy. I'm on autopilot not even paying attention when:

Sheriff's Deputy: [Looks at me, looks at the card, looks at me, looks at the card] I'm sorry Sir, but I was told that I have to confiscate your ID card as soon as you enter the building

Me: Excuse me?

Sheriff's Deputy: I have to take your card sir. Your building access privileges have been revoked.

Me: [Oh shit] What are you talking about?

Sheriff's Deputy: Your name is on the list of those that are not to be allowed into the building.

Me: [Ummmmm...fuck fuck fuck...ummmm...fuck...oh...I'm a lawyer...] Do you have any paperwork that shows the basis for your confiscation? [PLEASE WORK!!!!]

Sheriff's Deputy: [Looks at me, looks at the card, looks back at me] I'm just playin...have a good day, sir.
So not funny. But oh so funny