Thursday, March 13, 2008

Staring into the abyss, the advice from my boss saves my ass

So there I am sitting in court awaiting my call. The Judge enters. And the day begins.

This isn't the judge that reminds some of Judge Judy. This judge isn't the one that I wanted to call Judge Jabba. This is the judge that scares me.

The first up of the morning got the judge in the mood: "COUNSEL, PLEASE TELL YOUR BOSS THAT NEXT TIME TO SEND SOMEONE THAT KNOWS SOMETHING...ANYTHING...ABOUT THE CASE AND KNOWS HOW TO DO THEIR JOB!!!!" It was fantastic for me in that his request was going to be the exact same as mine. Chills were going through my spine.

The second call of the morning wasn't much better: "I cannot practice law for you lawyers. DO YOUR JOBS. This is insulting to the court!! Get it done!!!" Again, their request was the same thing that I was about to approach the bench to ask for.

Then it was my turn and needless to say, I was worried. All I could do was lead with the advice my boss game me. And it was like the waters parted, the clouds lifted, and I got everything I was asking for and then some.

I needed two weeks. I got 45 days. And a smile. From the judge that eats small children in chambers.