Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Professional Self-loathing

Exhibit A:

“Document” means all written, graphic, or recorded material of every kind and description, however produced or reproduced, whether draft or final, original or reproduction, signed or unsigned, and regardless of whether approved, sent, received, redrafted, or executed. Without limiting the foregoing, the term “document” includes printouts or other stored information from computers or other information retrieval systems; magnetic tapes, belts, and discs; photographic matter or sound reproduction however produced, reproduced or stored; and all other written printed, typed, recorded, or graphic matter; and all copies which are distinct because of notation, deletions, or markings or for any other person.
As I was typing this, I hated myself more and more as each word came forth from my fingers. Then I just started hating the opposing side. Which is good.