Saturday, March 01, 2008

Partner at 26, Married at 28, Divorced at 28 and 2 months

There's a clerk in my office. A 2L that will be summering at a big law firm out east this coming summer. I believe that she will, in fact, hate her life take over the entire world. Right after she gets her offer, passes the bar, gets sworn in, and begins work as a practicing lawyer in a big law litigation department, her plan is simple:

"My plan is to bill 3000 hours my first year at the firm. That is, unless, I am dating someone. Then I will only bill 2500"
"I figure that it takes 700 actual hours to bill 500, and that's a lot of quality time with a boyfriend. Like time spent sleeping"
You realize that 700 actual hours is less than 30 days
"I'll end a first date in 30 minutes if it isn't going anywhere"