Monday, January 28, 2008

A follow-up post

The last post I wrote has gotten a lot of feedback. I should clarify a little about the job itself as to why I am not interested in taking it. I took this interview just to practice being in an interview. This firm is not what one would call a traditional law firm and the actual work of the associates at this firm is not what I would consider traditional legal work. This is why I am leaning towards declining an offer.

I fully recognize that I am unemployed and have been that way since I graduated, it sucks. It sucks mortgaging my financial future in order to live in the present. But money, to me, is not the sole motivating factor in finding a job. I don't think that taking a job while having every intention to leave as soon as I get a better offer is a good way to go about things. When I accept an offer, I want to be able to commit to a place that will spend time and resources training me to be a better lawyer.

I hope this clarifies things a little bit and I look forward to the witty banter in the comments.