Saturday, December 15, 2007

I could have been a contender...

I went to pick up a friend yesterday so I could drive him to the airport during rush hour.  I am about to turn onto his street from a protected turn lane when the light turns red.  For some reason I decide to look in my rear view mirror as I am stopped.  What I see is nothing new: a luxury SUV being driven by an attractive woman.  And she is doing her makeup.  What she was not doing was coming to a complete stop for the red light.

My problem is not that she hit me.   

My problem is that she didn't hit me hard enough to do any damage to the car.  I could have had a lot of fun exchanging information.  I could have gotten a new car.  I could have been a pain in the ass lawyer.  (Imagine the visual: Me, standing in the courtroom, acting as my own attorney, cross examining the female driver, as I wear a neck brace and walk with a limp: "Were you applying foundation then or are you applying foundation now???)

But no.  All I can say is that I was rear ended by a woman doing her makeup.