Monday, November 05, 2007

You can file this one under "Makes him snort, giggle, and laugh while in public"

I'm over at Sam's Wines in Lincoln Park and in the process browsing the beer selections. It's at this moment two females walk behind me and up to one of the employees.

Female #1: Do you work here?
Employee: Yes
Female #2: We hate you.
Female #1: Kidding!
Employee: How can I help you?
Female #1: We are looking to buy beer, but we don't know what to get...
Female #2: We don't want Frat Party beer...
Female #1: And we don't want something that screams 'Snob!'
Employee: You want Law Student Beer
Female #1 and #2: YES!
I stood there for about a minute trying to laugh as quietly as possible without drawing attention to myself. I pulled myself together, grabbed my snobby beer, and headed for the cash register.