Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Justice System (as seen from the 12th Tee)

11:54:29 AM Episcopus: I think I am golfing tomorrow
11:54:39 AM Episcopus: After I fill out all my paperwork and swear my oath as a prosecutor
11:56:19 AM thenambypamby: How does that oath go? 'I swear to oppress the weak, stick it to the minorities, and go easy on a WASP with a real lawyer. I will do this all to the best of my government salaried ability as long as it never interferes with my tee time. So help my God.'
11:56:51 AM Episcopus: I think you nailed it
11:57:13 AM thenambypamby: God I wish I was going to be a prosecutor