Thursday, October 25, 2007

Education Atrophy

Perusing various law student and now-lawyer blogs the high minded internet sites that I frequent daily has led me to a realization: Five months and five days after I graduated from law school, I don't remember much about what was taught in the classroom.

  • If you asked me about the Model Penal Code, I would tell you my extent of knowledge about it has to do with the fact that Penal sounds a lot like Fallopian Tube. Or something like that.
  • IRAC and CRAC: A Country and a Drug.
  • If you asked me about the Restatement of Torts or the Uniform Commercial Code, I would stare blankly at you. If you mentioned Article 9, I would quickly point out that I never took Secured Transactions and that it wasn't tested on my bar exam. And then I would run away.
  • Spelling 'Constitutional' without spell check still won't happen
  • I still have no clue about the Rule Against Perpetuities. And I don't want one.
However, I've not forgotten everything. You can say 'Hearsay' and I'll say 'an out of court statement offered for the truth of the matter asserted' while you are still trying to find the words [that is, unless, you had the greatest evidence professor ever, like I did]. And then I'll backdoor character evidence on you...because I'm just that crafty.

All of my legal education is not lost. Just the useless stuff that the gunners found exciting.